Chinese Input Skill Testing Center


In recent years, CPTTM strives hard to promote Macau Information and Technology development as well as developments in other aspects. Especially after the handover of Macau, Chinese plays an important part and it becomes one of the official languages. In this case, Chinese character input is very important. In order to promote the usage of Chinese, ITEA, DSAL and CPTTM established the "Chinese Character Input Skill Testing Center". We will use a fair, righteous and objective standard to test our students. This can allow students to understand their typing speed of Chinese character and also as a means to prove their working ability. Therefore, the Chinese Character Input Skill Testing Center started its operation on 19/07/2003. To show the solemnity of this opening ceremony, we held a press conference before the examination begins. The examination will be arranged on each month and there will be at most sixteen candidates attending the examination. The number of examinations will be adjusted according to the market demand.


The examination is divided into two sessions: The first session will require candidates to type fifteen or more than fifteen difficult Chinese characters accurately within ten minutes. Successful candidates will then enter the second session or else will be judged as failed. The second session will require students to type ordinary Chinese characters at a speed of twenty-five words per minute or more within twenty minutes. Those who pass the assessments will be awarded qualified certification from the above organizations (ITEA, DSTE, CPTTM).

Application Method:

CPTTM will organize examinations regularly. Welcome to contact us for the time and date of examination. For inquiry, please contact us through 8980601 or send e-mail to cltrainadmin at cpttm dot org dot mo. Applicants are required to fill in the application form. There are three types of application fee:

Individual :

250 Patacas for 1 person


125 Patacas for 1 person, at least 16 applicants are required. Applicants are required to fill in a group application form. A liable person from the group should sign the form and it should be under sealed.
Staff member of the recognizing organization and staff of supporting organization:
80 Patacas for 1 person. Applicants should bring with a recommendation letter.

Please submit the application form to "Cyber Lab" or fax 28373085. Applicants should read through the applicants' requirement.

Character input method:

Candidates can decide their own character input method for the examination. (Based on the available character input software provided by us. For instance, ChangJie, Quick, Pinyin, DaYi etc...)

Location of Application:

CyberLab (Rua Comandante Mata Oliveira , Ed. Associacao Ind. 3 andar Macau)

Examination date and time:

  • Monday-Friday : 9:30-18:00

List of Recognizing Organization:

Computer Champer of Macau,The Banking Association

List of Supporting Organization:

Hutchison telecom - Macau, União Geral das Associações dos Moradores de Macau, Associação das Mulheres de Macau,  Associacao dos Empregados de Escritorio de Macau  

Inquiry Hotline : 88980601

Organised by ITEA, DSTE and CPTTM